Transgender FAQs

Do all trans people know they are trans as a child? No. People can realise they are transgender at any age. It might be from the age of 4 that a child is insistent on being the other gender. Others may discover it their gender identity through puberty, some people can trace their awareness back … Continue reading Transgender FAQs


7 Myths About Non-Binary Folk

Many people have approached me this week asking me to write about the non-binary identity. Many people can conceptualise and to and extent understand what it means to transition from one binary gender to the other, however when introducing the idea of a spectrum and anything that falls in the middle it seems to blow … Continue reading 7 Myths About Non-Binary Folk

Trans Awareness Week Series 2017

Today marks the beginning of Trans Awareness Week and the start of my week long blog-a-day series on topics to do with the trans community and identity. The purpose of this week existing is to raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people and to address some of the issues this community faces. Being … Continue reading Trans Awareness Week Series 2017