Intersex Prayers

I have recently found an old notebook with a couple of prayers I have written for people who are intersex or those of us ministering to them. Please feel free to use as you sit fit. Creator God, Thank you for the body you have so lovingly woven together and formed for me, may I … Continue reading Intersex Prayers


LLF Response

Part of the Church of England's LLF (Living in Love and Faith) Project is about using what is already happening on the ground, in local churches, in the hope that it may enlighten their work, discussions and subsequent public guidance. I was asked to contribute my own experiences of inclusive church by answering these four … Continue reading LLF Response

11/12/2018 – Guidance for Gender Transition Services

Today the Church Of England has published guidance for conducting services marking an individual's gender transition. In July 2017 General Synod voted (with strong support from all three houses) in favour of a consideration to create a formal set liturgy that celebrates the gender transition and name change of transgender individuals. This arose from a … Continue reading 11/12/2018 – Guidance for Gender Transition Services

Bartholomew or is it Nathanael?

Today is the day the Church celebrates the life and martyrdom of St. Bartholomew The Apostle. Bartholomew (mentioned in only the synoptic gospels) is commonly understood to be the same person as Nathanael (first mentioned in John 1:45). So therefore throughout the blog I will use both names interchangeably, just to confuse you of course! Here … Continue reading Bartholomew or is it Nathanael?

Welcome And Affirmation for Trans Folk

General Synod (made up of bishops, clergy and laity) who represent the Church of England across the UK have passed the motion proposed (by the Diocese of Blackburn, Chris Newlands) which said that transgender people should be 'welcomed and affirmed in their parish church'. The vote by all three houses was an overwhelming majority. I … Continue reading Welcome And Affirmation for Trans Folk

Honestly, you could have heard a pin drop

Silence is the most vicious kind of attack. Those encountering it are faced with the burden of determining someone’s heart, their feelings, thoughts and emotions. Not even a psychologist can do that! So how can you expect us to!? Silence leaves space, and space means thinking, and thinking means over thinking… you see where I’m … Continue reading Honestly, you could have heard a pin drop