Transgender FAQs

Do all trans people know they are trans as a child? No. People can realise they are transgender at any age. It might be from the age of 4 that a child is insistent on being the other gender. Others may discover it their gender identity through puberty, some people can trace their awareness back [...]


7 Myths About Non-Binary Folk

Many people have approached me this week asking me to write about the non-binary identity. Many people can conceptualise and to and extent understand what it means to transition from one binary gender to the other, however when introducing the idea of a spectrum and anything that falls in the middle it seems to blow [...]


You may have heard the term dysphoria batted around a lot or maybe you haven't, to be honest it is not a commonly used word if you aren't in gender-variant circles. The NHS describes gender dysphoria as: Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there's a mismatch between their [...]

Bartholomew or is it Nathanael?

Today is the day the Church celebrates the life and martyrdom of St. Bartholomew The Apostle. Bartholomew (mentioned in only the synoptic gospels) is commonly understood to be the same person as Nathanael (first mentioned in John 1:45). So therefore throughout the blog I will use both names interchangeably, just to confuse you of course! Here [...]