11/12/2018 – Guidance for Gender Transition Services

Today the Church Of England has published guidance for conducting services marking an individual's gender transition. In July 2017 General Synod voted (with strong support from all three houses) in favour of a consideration to create a formal set liturgy that celebrates the gender transition and name change of transgender individuals. This arose from a … Continue reading 11/12/2018 – Guidance for Gender Transition Services


Life Together

I must confess I couldn't escape adopting the succinct yet profound title of Bonhoeffer's writings - Life Together - for my own ponderings on community. In his work he outlines the essential principles of Christian fellowship, gleaned in the backdrop of the pre-war German underground. At a time when Hitler’s hate was on the rise, Dietrich … Continue reading Life Together

Trans Awareness Week Series 2017

Today marks the beginning of Trans Awareness Week and the start of my week long blog-a-day series on topics to do with the trans community and identity. The purpose of this week existing is to raise the visibility of transgender and gender non-conforming people and to address some of the issues this community faces. Being … Continue reading Trans Awareness Week Series 2017